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Monday, August 20, 2012


   I haven't posted many pictures lately. The truth is I haven't been going out to take very many pictures lately. Well, there are a lot of family pictures I've taken in the last few months but not many just for me. Another thing I've been doing lately is losing my job. So in the closing months of my office we have been really busy focusing on work stuff.
   In the meantime I've been studying more. I want to learn to be a better photographer. I'm not sure exactly what that means yet other than I want to be the kind of photographer that takes the picture they mean to the first time because they understand the settings and the setup and how that will effect the final product.
   A few goals I have for the next few months are starting to shoot in RAW and finishing some photos myself. I'm not talking about photoshopping but processing color and exposure myself, at least on the pictures I take for myself. Part of this means I need some better software than I currently have. Since money is really tight that probably won't happen any time very soon. I would also like to shoot some portraits. I figure I'll start outdoors and later move indoors when I get a light set and a tripod.
   In the meantime I'll try to post some shots that I find interesting. I have a few I've been saving. Also, this one is still my favorite.